Astrid S – First To Go Lyrics

 Hit my peak at 16 
Couldn’t get to me I got a pocket full of dreams 
Then life hit at 23 
It’s embarrassing and messy as it should be 

Got dizzy, too busy 
Tryna people please 

I see it so clearly  
From the driver’s seat 

They were talking in circles  
Tryna get to me 

They said I had to 

Said I had to know somebody who knew somebody 
 To get to where I wanted to go  
 I had to love somebody to lose somebody 
Sorry you’re the first to go 

There’ll be another like 

I – I’ll find another like 

 Always be another like 

Sorry you’re the first to go   

Sunscreen, thicker skin 
I’m not mad I’m the happiest I’ve ever been 
Whiplash, the last laugh 
Broke the rear view mirror  

Call it karma 
If you wanna 
Cus it’s just around the corner 

Thought it’d kill me 
But I’m stronger 
Don’t it hit you that much harder