Bradley Simpson – Cry at the Moon Lyrics

Couple stone cold killers,
I got behind those eyes,
that’s where I’m always gonna see ya,
Where time goes to die,
All lips, no filler,
All sun no shade,
I thought we were on the run till,
You went and hit the brakes,

Now I cry at the moon,
but she don’t shine quite like you,
I’m all wrapped up in chains
and I wonder what you do,
Do you lay in the pines?
Do your wishes come true?
No matter what I say
No matter what I do
There’s no coming back from you

You were my hope dope dealer,
Knew how to have a good time,
I was your love sick healer,
Hell I tried,
Looking back in the mirror,
It’s only showing me truth,
No matter how far I run,
There’s no coming back from you,

Little lies,
No truth,
That night came in too soon,
So cruel so cruel so cruel,
Little lies,
Like you do,
That sunset over you,
So cruel so cruel so cruel.