New Years Day – Secrets Lyrics

6 feet below the ground again, here lies what we might have been
Crawling underneath my skin, it’s eating me alive
You stay as silent as the grave, as i slowly rot away, feels like I’m gonna suffocate, under all the lies

These secrets you’re keeping
Like a casket hiding all your demons
Covered in dirt in dust, it’s gonna be the death of us
I can’t see em, but i feel em
Like a ghost no one can hear me screamin
I’m so over your secrets

Dirt underneath my fingernails, clawing out from the betrayal
Dying in this living hell, you buried me alive
Your cloak and dagger can only get you so far
You think you’re hiding but i see shadows in the dark
You’ve got the shovel but i know where the bodies are

I’m gonna suffocate, under all the weight, your secret isn’t safe, I’m gonna suffocate