Pirate Queen – Pirates From The Sea Lyrics

Pirates, robbers, disobedient souls, we will set forth to the open seas

We are pirates from the sea, sailing to eternity
Come with us and be free, it’s our destiny
Cursed to roam the sea forever, ‘til we find the crown
Cursed by immortality, it’s our prophecy

We take our guns, swords, hail our lords
The sea is burning, canons are shooting,
Preparing for the battle of the ships
We take our guns and swords, we hail our lords

Their crew is drowning, their ship is sinking to the bottom of the sea
Forever sailing the seven seas
Riding the wind on the pirate ship
The sky is dark and our guide is stars

Forever sailing the seven seas
Riding the wind on the pirate ship
The sky is dark and our guide is stars
Our flag is black, our hearts are scars

Immortal pirates
We never die
Amidst of many dangers
True glory awaits

Go forth in wrath,
Be of good courage,
Hold fast to what shines,
Surrender to no-one

Pirate Queen is the first all-female Pirate Metal band from Bermuda Triangle. To commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Pirate Queen’s debut single “Pirates From The Sea” was released on November 24, 2023 via Despotz records. The release of the album in February 23rd 2024, will fit perfectly in timing with the new Johnny Depp Pirates Of The Caribbean movie that Disney will release the same year.

About the band:
Discovering Pirate Queen is like finding Eldorado. The album Ghosts has such addictive melodies, and it is so catchy that after a few listenings, it might transform you into a pirate. The songs are done with the mastery of mixing precious power metal with pirate, fantasy, symphonic, and fantasy elements. The beautiful guitar melodies and enchanting vocals of Her Majesty Maria Aurea offer explosions of notes and harmonies with a massive production that make this album a pirate metal masterpiece. Pirate Queen is more than a regular heavy metal band. When listening to the album, it will submerge you into a story that sparks imagination. You will enter a new universe and experience the music on a different level. From ice-cold Arctic guitar parts to mysterious vocal harmonies and a haunted sea atmosphere, to warm Tropical adventure metal orchestration, you will find yourself floating in the beautiful world of Pirate Queen. The album is magical, with a real story behind it. When you close your eyes, it will take you on a breathtaking journey where you will meet pirates, sirens, and ghosts. Pirate Queen is the first all-female metal band that combines music and LARP at their live shows. They use Epic Armoury weapons exclusively, wear Museum Replicas boots, and produce their own Pirate Queen Sikkim Gin. Each member has her own character with unique characteristics, abilities, and even weapons. Five new talented musicians whose real identities seem to be a bit of a mystery.

Beautiful ladies, demons, ghosts? Formed in 1523? Are they returning after 500 years?
Descendants of famous pirates have settled all over the world. Their kingdoms control the world’s seas to this day. In their society, women hold the highest positions. Some born in this world, others sent from outer worlds, all loyally serve their queen. The old nautical chronicles mention a time when a group of five girls will come together. Who are related and united by the gift of piracy. In the ungodly year 2023, the New Pirate Queen took over the command and continues the tradition of her ancestors. To charm and loot. Their Pirate Kingdom’s capital, Lyxion, is a mystical floating island that floats around the Bermuda Triangle.