SYLOSIS – Deadwood Lyrics

SYLOSIS – Deadwood Lyrics

I’ve stepped inside a world I don’t know
The sky’s not quite the same anymore
Dead stasis
Burnt pages
Fabric of society torn
Condemned either way
No cells, no chains
Resistance is buried like a secret to a grave

Face down in the dirt again
What’s to gain from being the last one standing?
Cut the limb and not the tourniquet
So now it’s understood
We remove the deadwood

Pulled apart from all sides
It never took much to divide
Can’t find a way to detach
So light the fucking match

Never been the first to cast a stone
But we’ll torch the fields
Where their seeds are sewn
Like moths to flames
They covet the arcane
Complicit in how we’re detained

I felt the weight of a soul in my hands
And I’m starting to understand
They’re all dead weight
Transcending this hell unscathed
While we fight for the scraps thrown away
Parasites and sycophants
Bleeding you dry