The Protest – Dying Breath Lyrics

We’ve spent a long time slipping the noose
Dug deep can’t shake us loose
Rejected, dejected, don’t need to be accepted
And every road that we’ve tread so far
Has left its’ marks and battle scars
We’re standing, demanding, don’t need your understanding

This is a war for truth don’t mistake it
A call to all our lives, will we take it?
Though a fortress strong we will break it
If they can’t hear us now we will make them

We won’t apologize
We will never rest
We’ll scream it over and over
Over and over til our Dying Breath

This path is filled with sacrifice, but it keeps us alive
Just honor, no glory, your ever winding story
And every blood drop, an every tear
Stream as we face our fears
True freedoms worth taking the world we are forsaking

By choices in the dark we’ll be defined
Torches blazing bright towards the skyline
They can’t push us down we’ll keep climbing
They can’t take our lives, we’re undying

Worth every dream that falls through our hands
Worth all the pain that we can’t understand
We will shoulder all we can bear
To show the world a love un-compared