TRIVAX – Azrael ( عزرائیل ) Lyrics

Azrael (عزرائیل)

Come forth, reaping with all might
Sanctioning the pulse of all life
Eliminate – All man and beast born
Consuming the world’s shattered soul
Obliterate – All that exists
Muting the core spirit from the womb
From blindness – open our eyes
To the forces of darkness and death

Hail Master Death!
Lay the world to rest

Come forth killing in one strike
Eating the world from its spine
Entomb – All of mankind
Severed heads upon pillars and spikes
Bring rejoice – To us prisoners
The rebels from the no universe
Force your black winds on this earth
Rid life of all of its misery!


Open our eyes
Dissolve our souls

We’ve gathered here to celebrate
The total death of all dimensions
Black void shall bring rejoice
Illuminate the paths of chaos force
Malik al-mawt (الملك الموت)
Conquer seas with your black wings
Enter dusk through the sacred eye
Kill the world with the final strike

Hail Master Death!
Lay the world to rest
Unchain thy true will
EZ-RA-EEL! (عزرائیل)