TSJUDER – Gods of Black Blood Lyrics

TSJUDER – Gods of Black Blood Lyrics

We stride triumphant, Hellspawned Demon Lords
Trampling the fallen, Violated agonized wailing
Worldgrinders, necrotic sovereigns

We reign in chaos and destruction
Satanic orgies in the heavens
We toast in blood of the holy
Demons, Devils, Enemies of divine

Obey your old, ancient and primeval gods
We are the almighty, the supreme and the dominant

We erupt and wreak havoc
Hideous, resentful and vicious
Emperors of pester and torture
Deicide, hate and revenge

Certainty of death
Pain of torture
Brutality of war
Force of Evil

We are emissaries from Hell
Bringers of misery to the feeble
We rape and feast on the angels
Perverted, malicious, bloodthirsty

We are the grim reapers
Annihilators of human existence

Drown in Fire

We stride triumphant
Hellspawned demon lords
Trampling the fallen
Violated agonized wailing
Worldgrinder necrotic sovereign
Demonic ascension
Grovel on your bellies
Before the gods of black blood