WAR OF AGES – Famine Lyrics

We see the heavens open
Paving the way for the third seal
Carrying a scale with the weight of the world in one hand
I hear the beast scream
Hear the beast scream

You feel your life barring the weight of consequence
A scale has now become your demise
Your cursed by famine
Starvation increases fallen morality

Death increases all are seeing
Help us now as mouths are screaming
Fear has come in place of conduct
We are now on our own

System hit by a storm of judgment
The cost is high for you to formulate
Rebellion measures the price of pain
Callous in every one of your ways

Straight to your brain one shot as you swallow the pill
Never look back let it ride as you chase the thrill
You only wish that it wasn’t the case
Screaming save me now as you fall on your face