Causality controlled us to this point
No return

Hollowed brethren hear me now
Grant my will made manifest
Transmute pain into value
Struggle in vain

Silence in it’s embrace take me far only now I am nothing
Portal opens, waters rising just as shapes turn to sound, time slips away

Struggle, struggle
Crawl all the way
Suffer, suffer
Crowned within the chasm of slumber

Trapped for aeons beneath the immortal weight of slumber
Long did we rest
Only in these depths did I learn what it truly means to suffer

Struggle, struggle
Crawl along the way
Struggle, struggle
Reignite the flame
Suffer, suffer
Suffer and obey


Love won’t save you yet

Crawling inside my skin
I’m here all alone
The circle is closing, the chasm approaches
Still I’m not afraid
I have no more tears to give
I bled them so long ago for this omen of passage
Beneath the waves
Violence, excitement, love and joy
Just as they all begin to fade
All that’s left is the pleasure in the pain

I Sacrifice